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Out of Court Solutions

We strive to keep you out of court.  We want YOU to have a voice, instead of two attorneys yelling over each other in court.  We want YOU to make your own decisions instead of a judge making those decisions for you.

Cooperative Process

These are the methods we use to keep you out of court

During the collaborative process, each spouse is represented by an attorney. But, rather than working against each other, all four people work together to find solutions to issues related to divorce, child custody and support, alimony, and other matters.  Other neutrals can be brought in to help with the process.

Collaborative Law

In a cooperative process, the parties and the lawyers agree to keep the matter out of court.  Both parties have to be motivated to negotiate and resolve their matters in a non-adversarial manner.  If the parties are unable to resolve the matter out of court, they can still proceed to litigation.


In mediation the parties work with a specially trained neutral person to help the parties have a productive conversation to attempt to resolve any differences.  The mediator will not tell you how to resolve your disputes but will offer potential resolutions and will facilitate constructive dialogue to help you find mutually satisfactory solutions.  

Kitchen Table Solutions

Sometimes couples know how they want to divide up the marital estate and/or how they are going to share custody of their children, but they want to make sure their agreements are put in proper legal terms and want the an attorney to take care of all of the required legal filings.  A kitchen table approach offers an informal and cost effective solution.

Parents who are no longer a couple sometimes have trouble communicating with each other about parenting issues.  Repeated appearances in court can be draining.  Parenting coordinators help parents communicate better and make decisions when they cannot agree.  One parenting coordinator is much less expensive than two lawyers.

Parenting Coordination

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