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Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Not every marriage stands the test of time. A prenuptial agreement (prenup) spells out in advance how property will be divided in the unfortunate event of divorce. Typically, each party keeps the assets they owned before the marriage. A postnuptial (postnup) is a similar agreement signed after the couple is married. We can draft or review a prenup or postnup to make sure it is fair, clear and compliant.

Proudly Serving The LGBTQ Community

We take great pride in helping same-sex couples resolve difficult family law issues. Our attorneys are all experienced in helping members of the LGBTQ community resolve issues related to divorce, custody and support. We also assist transgender clients with name changes and issues unique to the transgender community.

Wills And Estates

We help you take care of your family by planning for the future with the preparation of wills, powers of attorney and living wills. These are sometimes referred to as “estate documents.”

Then, when someone dies, we also handle the final estate, including probate, preparation of the inheritance tax return, payment to beneficiaries and the closing of the estate.

In the event of a dispute involving the estate, we are here to help you stay out of court and resolve the dispute with our mediation, collaborative law or cooperative law alternative dispute resolution processes.

Parenting Coordination

Our attorneys are trained parenting coordinators. A parenting coordinator is a neutral individual authorized by the court to use dispute resolution processes to resolve parenting time disputes for parents who are no longer together. The purpose of a parenting coordinator is to resolve those disputes by interpreting, clarifying and addressing circumstances not specifically addressed by an existing court order.

Parenting coordination is used for parties who have a hard time communicating and agreeing on issues regarding their children after a final custody order has been entered. When parties repeatedly end up in court arguing over simple matters, the court will sometimes appoint a parenting coordinator to help them resolve those issues outside of court but in conjunction with the court.

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