Using Out-Of-Court Solutions To Peacefully Resolve Family Law Conflicts

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Real Solutions For Child Custody And Co-Parenting

Going to court rarely resolves parenting disputes. There are winners and losers, and the bad blood creates ongoing conflicts.

At Lawyers With Heart, we aim for the elusive win-win solutions to custody matters outside of court. We help families work out healthy and practical arrangements that serve the best interests of the children and the parents.

Our attorneys encourage alternatives to litigation such as collaborative family law or custody mediation. We have seen the long-term benefits as well as the cost savings and stress reduction.

Custody, Parenting Time And Support

Custody battles are destructive. As experienced litigators, we give clients our frank assessment of how the judge would likely rule in a contested custody proceeding. This keeps the focus on what you can control – shared responsibility for the child and shared time with each parent. This does not always mean equal time in each household. Custody and parenting time should be based on the needs of the child and the realities of daily living. Child support is typically dictated by a formula, but there may be reasons to deviate up or down.

Negotiating The Parenting Plan

The parenting plan – the schedule and ground rules – is a frequent source of conflict. A good parenting plan is crystal clear but flexible. We work with parents to come to peaceful agreements on key details such as:

  • Pickup and drop-off
  • Extracurricular events
  • Holidays and vacations
  • Communication and cooperation
  • Decision-making on behalf of the child
  • An agreed method for resolving future disputes

As trained parenting coordinators, our attorneys are attuned to the issues that most commonly lead to conflicts. We strive to address these issues in a clear and proactive way to prevent trouble.

Parent Relocation And Other Conflicts

If the parent with primary custody wants to move away from Pennsylvania, they need the consent of the co-parent or permission from the court. A judge will usually allow relocation if the parent has a legitimate reason and it is not detrimental to the child’s best interests. Our role is to help rework the parenting agreement to reflect the new reality and maintain a strong bond between the child and the parent staying in Pennsylvania. For example, the noncustodial parent may get more time during holidays and summer vacation.

We also help clients resolve parenting plan conflicts or disputes over the child’s health care, education or religious upbringing. We also deal with conflicts involving family court orders such as interference with parenting time or failure to pay child support. The emphasis is always on fixing rather than fighting.

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We are a group of independent lawyers with a shared philosophy about custody and related matters. Whenever possible, our goal is to keep our clients out of court and keep the solutions in the hands of the parents. To learn more email us today.