Using Out-Of-Court Solutions To Peacefully Resolve Family Law Conflicts

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What Is Cooperative Process?

The cooperative process is sometimes referred to as Collaborative lite. We use this process when one party has already retained an attorney who is not trained in Collaborative Law. We contact those attorneys and ask them to agree to try to work out the parties’ issues in an amicable and civil fashion, without going to court.

Most attorneys are willing to try. We can do everything that we do in Collaborative Law, but we do not have a formal written agreement to stay out of court. Unlike Collaborative Law, attorneys do not have to withdraw if a settlement cannot be reached.

In cooperative law, we can have four-way meetings, or the details can be worked out by the attorneys or by the parties themselves. Sometimes the attorneys work together to explore solutions on behalf of their clients.

Unlike court processes, it is not based on one party winning and the other losing, and it will not drain your life savings. It is based on finding amicable settlement options for both parties and working through those options until both parties are satisfied.

Meet With A Compassionate Attorney

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