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Why divorce mediation is an ideal option for parents

| Apr 28, 2021 | Mediation |

When you become a parent, the needs of your children become more important than your own desires. You might even try to stick it out in the miserable marriage for a few extra years in the hope of reconciling and not putting your children through the stress of a parental divorce.

Unfortunately, self-sacrifice doesn’t always lead to positive outcomes. No amount of determination can make a marriage work when the relationship has started to fall apart. If you believe that divorce is imminent and you worry about how splitting up with your spouse might affect your children, there is good news.

You and your spouse can choose to go through divorce mediation as a way to protect your children. Divorce mediation is an ideal tool for those hoping to keep things simple for the sake of their kids. 

Mediation means your children have zero involvement

Depending on your family circumstances, your divorce might eventually involve your children in court proceedings. Sometimes, children may need to testify about things that they witnessed in the family home. Other times, they may need to make a statement in the court or in a judge’s chambers about their custody preferences to assist in the creation of a parenting plan.

Needing to take an active role in a parent’s divorce can be highly traumatic for a child. When the two of you settle custody terms on your own outside of court, your children will never have to enter a courtroom or worry about what they would say in one.

Mediation can help you remember how to work together

Filing for divorce is a strong indicator that your relationship with your spouse is no longer in a good place. After divorce, you won’t need to share your daily lives, but you will always share your children.

Sitting down at mediation together can help you sort out the details in a respectful way. You can agree to center your children in these discussions and start finding a way to relate not as adversaries but rather as parents who must work together.

Instead of pitting you against each other, mediation gives you an opportunity to heal some of the damage that has led to the divorce and possibly makes it easier for you to work together as co-parents in the future.

Reducing the stress you are under, keeping your concerns private and even minimize the costs that you incur during divorce are all benefits of divorce mediation that are important to parents trying to do what’s best for their children.